How To read 10 books in one month

I broke my foot. That’s how I read ten books in one month. I really didn’t break it, I just bruised my foot and it’s bones and ended up with a lot of down time. If you have a healthy bone structure at this moment, don’t worry, you can still achieve ten books in one month. Don’t go around breaking your bones or hurting yourself to reach a reading goal either, instead read on to find tips on how to reach a book reading goal:

After realizing that I don’t really read as many books as I thought I did and that people were setting goals to read a certain amount of books a year, I thought I would do the same. I set myself a 36 book a year goal, and instead I found myself trying to read 120 books in a year! AH! How do you ask?

By copying. Don’t ever copy. It’s plagiarism and you know that’s against the law. Don’t do it. I found out about this lovely book subscription here, I am not affiliated, and I was too cheap to join the membership, so instead I made my own book list for the year following it’s world travel theme.

With a book journal I started to plan on what countries I would visit per month. Because I was reading the book These Violent Delights in December and didn’t finish it until January, I decided to make January a India/China country book month. This lead to a 10 books a month goal. Why? Because I wanted to read a history book, fantasy book, historical fiction, and maybe another book from an author of the country of a book about the country. So, instead of reading four or five books a month, I pushed it to 8-10! CRAZY!

My first week went by well. I read three books, only because one of them was an audiobook. Second week (this is when I bruised my bone and had to sit most of the time) I finished three books as well, and then the third week I finished two. For the last week (my foot finally was healing and I could walk around more), I left the history books until the end, because those took so long to finish!

Luckily, my sister and an instagrammer I follow let me know that kindle books can be read to you by your iPhone. I couldn’t figure it out, but I did find this link that makes Alexa read the books to you. This helped me finish one of the history books, which always takes me so long to read! The audio is a little strange, but it’s doable, especially if you have a goal of 10 books to finish in one month!

You may think that I am a speedy reader. I’m not. I also do not like to speed read. I hate it. I feel that I miss too much information, this is also a reason why I do not like audio books as much as physical reading. My reading speed is 200 words per minute. It’s not fast, it’s average. I know my reading speed because I took this test. My reading speed is not the reason why I finished ten books in one month, if that’s hindering you, or if you are a speed reading genius and you’re not reading to your potential: start now!

The reasons I reached my ten books a month goal are as followed:

1. Audio books! I used two this month and they really helped push my numbers up.

2. Read everyday. I planned to finish books by chapters (the huge history books) and wrote which days, and how many chapters I would read per day to finish the book in time.

3. Use the Libby app, or kindle. You can have your phone/kindle with you wherever you go, so if you have downtime somewhere you can just pop it out and start reading for 10-15minutes.

4.Set a goal. Set of goal of reading a certain amount of books for the year or the month.

5. Create a theme. It could be travel, genre, family, season, Holiday, science, religion, what ever you decide to do for the month/year and it really does help.

If you are an avid reader and also have tips, please comment. If you’re also an avid reader and can surpass this measly ten books a month list, don’t leave a mean comment, because I’ll delete it.

I’m trying this same number of books next month when my foot is completely healthy. I will write a blog about next month, my book journal and also a book review on the books I’ve read shortly. Good luck on your book reading journey and happy reading!

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