Valentines Day Craft

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holiday’s. Not because of all of the delicious and incredibly tasty chocolate (although that helps)- it’s because of all the LOVE!

The holiday is commercialized and over the top anywhere you go, but if you remember the reason why it all began (follow link to my previous post here) and embrace the giving aspect of the Holiday, you will end up celebrating the entire month of February!

Not only does the month celebrate Love, it’s also the month to celebrate Black History Month! Another reason to be excited about this amazing MONTH! People who are born this month are so lucky!

The best way to show you care, on this spectacular month, is by making a heart felt craft. My representation of this is a Heart-felt-craft:

When I visited lakeshore, I purchased a bag of chalkpaper valentines, and thought, “I can make these a hundred times better!”

Being an avid Michaels shopper, I knew they had tons of little wooden shapes and looked for the hearts! Sorry shoppers, I took them all! They’re not very expensive, and there were not really that many. I wish they had 100! (Micheals, if youre reading this: stock up!). I also purchased red felt sheets and chalkboard spray paint. I love crafting!

These hearts are so easy to make! Just be sure to cover your surface very well, because I didnt, and now there is splattered paint all over my patio table!

I cut out felt for the hearts and added a little chalk to the gift. Presto change-o, Valentine gifts are done and ready for the big day.

If you own a cricut, use that, my hearts are pretty deformed, but those little felt erasers are so cute!

Write messages of love daily to your loved one to make this month extra special!

If you decide to make one or a hundred, I hope you have as much fun as I did making these adorable tiny hearts and that the recipient enjoys writing on them. Let me know if you tried this or if you’ve made any Valentine gifts yourself.

If you dont get a chance to go to Michaels, Joannes, or Hobby Lobby here is an affiliate link for wooden hearts:

2-Inch Wood Heart 100pcs Blank Unfinished Wooden Slices Discs Cutout Pieces Wedding Guestbook Signin Party Guest Greetings DIY Crafts Projects

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