Working Out At Disneyland

Working out. People hate it, others tolerate it, while some people think it’s fun. Pairing exercises with an exhausting Disneyland outing could mean I’m one of the few who is obsessed with it. In reality, I’m not. If I was, I would be 50 pounds lighter.  Disneyland just calls for a workout in certain spots.

During a Disneyland trip, I usually walk around 10,000-15,000 steps. That’s a feat in itself, but the real magic is done  in the secret low traffic areas. When you find the perfect places for yoga, you don’t have to wake up extra early for a full hour practice, or try to cram it in before bed.  Weight training, and lunges don’t have to wait for tomorrow. You can continue your usual routine at the happiest place on earth.

In Fantasy land, there is a walkway that is between Small World and the Story Book Land canal boats. It’s hidden by a fence and some bushes. That walk way is hardly ever used, I can fit in a whole Yoga sequence with only two or three people walking past. It’s heaven! Not only is it deserted, it’s beautiful! The stones make you feel as if though you’re practicing yoga in a medieval castle, with a Maharajah who bestowed the hidden practice to you, and only you. As ludicrous as that may sound, it’s the perfect spot for a little exercise.

California Adventure has the Red Wood Creek Trail, which is amazing. They have rock climbing , nets, and slides, which are great for a core and arm strengthening bout. You can also lunge from one corner to the next. Before you get to the Red Wood Creek, right behind the restrooms, there is a small little secret spot that is surrounded by benches. I use those benches for push ups, and tricep dips. You can do another yoga/pilates sequence there if you’re looking for privacy.  The big hill near the pier is perfect for lunging as well.

Now, you don’t really get a crazy sweaty workout, unless you want to sit next to someone on a ride and disgust them with the salty liquid that comes out of your pores. You can just get resistance training in long enough to keep those muscles growing.

If you really want to work out, Disney offers marathon’s very frequently throughout the year. I’ve never joined one, but, I’m sure they’re great!

These are the secret workout spots I’ve found at Disney. Do you know of any others?


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